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August 30, 2010


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Reshaping Orthodontics

With Advanced Excellence in Orthodontics

AEO candidates tend to see the world "a little differently" than the average orthodontist. They have an insatiable itch for quality when it comes to the practice of orthodontics. They feel that quick fixes and one-size-fits-all treatments are compromising the integrity of their field. And they know that even in today's era of heightened esthetic concerns, when it comes to a beautifully completed case, that form will always follow function.

In short they aren't satisfied with the status quo.

The field of orthodontics has come to a crossroads. Deliberate planning and careful treatment is being replaced by automated computer modeling and a more-starts-is-better treatment philosophy. In arriving at these crossroads, something is lost. That something is the concept of truly mastering your craft as an orthodontist.

It was Avrom King who said that mastery simply requires we go beyond our limitations to produce results beyond the ordinary. The Advanced Excellence in Orthodontics Roth Philosophy curriculum empowers every orthodontist to go beyond their current limitations and produce results that are consistently optimal and excellent. If that sounds intriguing, then the AEO may be what you're looking for. But understand this before you read any further the AEO isn't for everyone and it is a lot of work. Yet every single graduate of the AEO program will tell you it's been a career changing experience that they wouldn't trade for the world.

So is the AEO for you? Ask yourself how you feel about the following statements:

  • I believe that I have a true responsibility, not just to my patients, but to the whole of orthodontics.
  • I feel that education isn't something I ever complete, but something I accumulate throughout a career of deliberate practice and training.
  • I am willing to work hard and embrace new ideas if it will help me master my craft.

Still with us? Good. As you explore the rest of this literature, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, that the AEO program is recognized as the authority in the original protocol of Roth philosophy teachings. It is the direct intellectual bloodline to Dr. Ronald Roth and Dr. Robert Williams. Second, that the AEO is founded on the principle that functional occlusion is the anchor point of clinical orthodontics. This is at the heart of the AEO. And finally that completion of the two year long course will give you a legitimate point of differentiation from 99% of the competition. Put another way, you will elevate yourself to the top 1% of all practicing orthodontists. Where you go from here is entirely up to you. The only questions left are?

Do you have what it takes to reshape your career and take it to the next level?
Do you have what it takes to join the AEO group?